Website development

Website Design & Development

We believe it is important to focus on a set goals in order to offer you the best possible objective. We also consider web design an art, and with that comes the creative ability to always look to a broader horizon - remaining flexible to new ideas and concepts. Our goal is to offer you an exciting and functional web site - designed to meet your perspective. In all cases that goal will remain the same.

While new technologies are continually being developed to enhance the look and functionality of websites, we believe in many cases those technologies - if not applied with caution - can harm the fundamental purpose of a site. Our emphasis will always be on how well a website is presented and functions so that it may be easily viewed by everyone.

A website contains many components. When all these components are put together the result should be vivid and dynamic expression that will both catch the viewers interest while expressing a clear illustration of who you are and the purpose of your site.

At PDX Media Group we are committed to working with you to fulfill the vision of your website. We understand you probably have many ideas of how your site should represent you. Our goal is gather as much information as possible from you so the we have a clear understanding of your needs. Then compile those ideas and needs into a well constructed, easily navigated site.