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In many ways, mobile website development is a more challenging activity than developing a desktop website. Where mobile platforms are fundamentally patchy at best, much of the desktop website skills, tricks and best practices simply do not fit in the mobile website environment. The mobile web requires a new set of programming best practices, and new abilities that inspire a new way of thinking.

The question was asked...

Q. "Can't you just create an HTML file with a smaller pixel width and have a mobile website?"

A. Well my friend, that would be a classis fast-food approach to mobile website development. With more than 3,000 different mobile devices on the market, and almost 30 different browsers. Creating one HTML file as your mobile website will be a very unsuccessful project. In addition, doing so contributes to the belief that mobile website browsing is neither practical or useful.

The Solution: pdxMobi - Mobile Website Design.
pdxMobi fills the gap between desktop formatted websites and mobile viewers by providing the specialized expertise of Mobile Website development and optimization across multiple mobile platforms.