Personalized facebook welcome pages by pdxMobi

Dazzle your visitors when they reach your Facebook business / special interest page with a personalized Welcome page designed and applied by pdxMobi.

The advantage - Facebook works best when you can establish a personal connection with your customers. Providing your customers - Facebook customers, valuable content as well as establishing an ongoing and engaging open line of communication is the key. Once you've done that your marketing opportunities are endless.

Basic Pricing...
Starts at $175 for a custom designed and hosted Welcome page! Contact us for more info. Contact Us!

 A personalized Facebook Welcome page not only provides a venue where you can share valuable content, but also tell your visitors just exactly who you are and what you have to offer. Remember, the key is to establish content that is important to your customers.

Though Facebook's newly directed change on how Welcome pages are to be developed has greatly opened up your options. With the design space at a minimum, yet information plentiful - as with mobile devises - we accept the challenge to create a design platform that accommodates both scenarios well.

Let us show you how we can help you with the expression of your business or special interest page.